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Night Photography Adventures

I love everything photography.

I have always enjoyed taking pictures of people, animals, trees, you name it. But now, I have a new love for a little something called night photography, which is obviously as it sounds.

I love the night time anyways and in adding photography to the mix, I have gained the perfect combination for practicing the things I love most in life, aside from my wife of course. There is nothing in particular that I like to take photos the most of a night, but I am slowly getting back into making the transition from taking photos in the light to the dark.

I used to really be into night photography back in the day, but fell out of it shortly after starting a family. My favorite things to take pictures of mainly included downtown buildings and cars. That way, I could manipulate the lights to shine and flow in whatever creative direction I wanted them to go. It's just an beautiful and amazing form of photography that I will forever love.


I have very recently gotten back into the flow of night photography so I could practice shooting in all lighting, which I believe will be better for me when shooting from anywhere.

More pictures are to come, so stick around to see what other cool photography tricks I can pull out of my hat soon.

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Dreams: Renting Out Photo Booths to the Community

*Update for July 30th: I have started taking classes at my local community center for photography and amazingly enough, there's a guy in my class that has his own photo booth company! We talked for a while, and he is excited at the possibility of partnering up!

How cool would it be to use your photography talent and equipment to set up photo booths and rent them out within the community?

I have seen so many other photographers do just that! And just the other day I told my wife about turning this concept into a photography and photo booth rental business...and she loved it! So this is the biggest thing we are trying to make happen right now in our lives. With my lack of professional experience with photography, we decided that it would be best for now if I went to a couple of classes for it, while we work on acquiring the photo booths in the meantime.

We figure that weddings are the most popular event that people seem to rent photo booths for, but we will eventually rent them out for other special events. Of course we are still leaning about running a photo booth company still but as we grow in knowledge, our company will expand. Right now we are still deciding between building the booths on our own, or looking to buy them from a manufacturer. It obviously sounds better to invest in booths as this looks more professional however, the DIY booths also seem to do.

Recently, we came across this article and thought that it was very helpful in answering all of our questions and concerns. We are now more familiar with the pricing of the photo booths themselves along with all the other equipment. Luckily, we have a nice camera and lighting equipment which is actually just what we need if we decide to construct our own. Either way it's going to be a long journey but we are very excited to see where it will do. It will be a lot of hard work and require a lot of dedication, but in the end it will be totally worth it to have a company of our own that continuing to have to work over the next decade or so.

We will continue to document our journey as it goes along the way, and can't wait to share all the new things we learn with you all.

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How My Wife Reacted to My Idea of Starting a Photography Business

I have been just about addicted to taking about photography and photo booths lately, but it's all triggered me to get serious about starting a business of my own. I have already been on the hunt for ways to make my passion a part of my daily work so after skimming the web for hours, I decided full force that I wanted to start my own photography company that also rents out photo booths. Of course the hardest part was telling my wife, or at least so I thought.

I sat her down in our living room and started off discussing our future together and the many things we want to do. I informed her that all of it and more could be possible if we went into business for ourselves, and that it may be difficult in the beginning, but eventually pay off. There was obviously a lot more, but I think you all get the gist of it.

I was so nervous about her reaction but to my surprise, she was very open to the idea and genuinely excited. I should have known she would react so lovingly, I just I'm just a little scared myself about starting my own business, especially since I don't yet consider myself a professional photographer, which is something I am going to have to work on. My wife has suggested taking classes, so that's one thing I will probably be getting into very soon. In the meantime, she believes that we can still build out our own photo booths and begin renting them out, and at least get a head start on that side of the business. I agreed that it was a great idea, and now have moved into the stages of planning and finding me a reputable and preferably quick program for me to get into. No matter how long it takes though, I'm willing to tough it out until we make it.

It helps so much to have a supportive spouse that is willing to help out. I am so lucky to have a wife that cares about me so much and that is even willing to help out. Could I be more lucky?



Turning Photography Equipment into Photo Booth Rental Company

credit: polkadotcelebrations

Since starting this new website, I have been doing a lot of web surfing to try to get a better grip on this whole internet thing. I have been looking up a lot of information about photography and even checking out some blogs of some other photographers. There are tons of them of course but what I found even more crazy was how so many of them have content about making your own photo booth out of photography equipment.

Apparently you don't even have to have fancy photography equipment and an iPhone or iPad can work great as well. Either way, the idea intrigued me and now I believe I am going to dry to set one up for myself, well my grandkids, and see how well it works out. It doesn't look like too much work to put one together and out of all the different websites and blog I came across, it didn't even look like they were all creating them the same.

All it takes is a sheet or wrapping paper to use for a background, some lighting, and the camera of course, and you've got yourself a functioning photo booth. As for the props, costumes, and decorations, those can be bought at a local party store like Party City, or even a dollar store like Dollar General and the Dollar Tree. To be fair, I did see more comments about the Dollar Tree having a better selection, but until I go out and look on my own terms I can't really make a biased decision.

It doesn't even look like these things will be expensive to make, so for anyone that wants to try to make one on your own, I will soon be creating a tutorial for how I set mine up, so be on the lookout for that.

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Photo Booths + Weddings= Photographer Success

Like I mentioned in one of the last posts I wrote on here, the photo booth industry has caught my eye. I see it showing up everywhere around the web and have even noticed a few more businesses pop up in my town, which tells me that photo booths are a lucrative market, and one I want in on.

I have noticed how many professional photographers have begun to rent photo booths on their websites and this got me thinking. So they are professionals that still shoot weddings and other events, but also rent out photo booths at the same events. Seems pretty profitable and like a great way to launch and run a business. The way I see it is that I could have my own booths to rent out and prospect for jobs at weddings, which is like killing two birds with one stone. This plan is definitely in the works...

The even better thing is that my company would essentially have two products to sell, which would of course be my photography shootings, and then the option to rent out a photo booth. Even if people aren't using me as their photographer, they can still use one of my photo booths so I am still making a decent profit.

I have been wanting to leave my job to start a business of my own and this is looking like the direction I want to go. I'm passionate about photography and like I mentioned before, love doing DIY projects with my loving wife, so this will all be so incredible, and I absolutely cannot wait to get started!

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Dreams: Starting a Photography Company

I am no "professional" photographer in my own opinion, but as I grow and get better with time I think it would be amazing to own my own photography company. In fact, this has been a dream of mine since I knew I wanted to go into photography.

At the moment, I am employed as a news journalist at my local newspaper company. I don't despise my job, it's just not my passion and I don't see myself doing it for the rest of my life. In starting my own photography business, I would get more time with my wife and we could even run the business together; this is also one of my many dreams.

Now to me, it's alright to have dreams but until you set going after them as your goals and believe that can they can become a reality, they won't. I truly believe this and have found it to be true time after time. I hope this can be a message to all the non-believers out there and once I have made that dream a reality,  I will prove it to you on here. Mark my words. Let me give you a general outline of how.

To start my photography company I will need to set reasonable goals that I can accomplish within a reasonable period of time, plus actually follow through with them. I will need to put my name out there throughout my community and the internet (especially social media), and prospect for clients when I can. In building good relationships and rapport and positioning myself as a creative professional, people will hire me and the referrals will begin to flow in. And of course I will be paying for some form of monthly advertising. I see the ads on Google work for people all the time

... and there you have it; that is my plan. I can't wait to get started and share my results over the next few months. Maybe some of you will take the challenge with me to turn a dream into a reality, and I hope you do. Good luck and God bless!


Welcome to the blog!

Hi there! I'm Jeff if you don't already know, and this is my new blog. At the moment, the topics I discuss may be random and somewhat all over the place but don't worry, I will throw in some value at some point. I have always wanted to do so many things with my life and make a huge difference in the world, but that sounds like almost everyone else doesn't it?

I mean, people go to school, graduate, go through college, and then get out in the world to find a career that will make a difference. Others may take a different route by wanting to become famous or earn a lot of money and make a difference in the world. Ever since I can remember, it's been one of the biggest things I have ever wanted to do, which is one of the reasons I got into photography.

Photography allows me to see the world through my own special lens, which can be beautiful to the ones around me, as they aren't able to see what I see. I wanted to create are that would entice people's emotions and add happiness to their lives in some way. Fortunately I have been able to do this to an extent, but am still a long way from getting to the levels I dream of being at. I want my work to be admired in museums, and published in renowned places around the world. Talk about dreaming big, huh? I always say "if you can dream it, you can do it," and I credit this for getting as far as I have today without giving up even once. Hmm, maybe that's something else I will talk about on this blog.

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