Should you save money on your listings and take your own photographs for your own listings? This is a question real estate agents often ask themselves, since, let’s face it, you aren’t guaranteed to recover your marketing investment if the home doesn’t sell.  Here’s what North Carolina real estate broker, Leigh Brown of Leigh Brown & Associates has to say…


Video Transcription:It has been brought to my attention that it is time for a little ‘Come to Jesus’ meeting, people, about one of the services that ought to be provided to all consumer listings regardless of price point because I think some of y’all may be out there, and I know I’m preaching to the choir, I’m talking about somebody else, I know. Some of y’all may have forgotten that you’re handling the consumers largest financial instrument, or one of their largest financial instruments. And so when you cut corners on things like professional photography you’re killing us all, man. I mean you’re like killing me slowly with a blunt fork stuck in my eyeball.

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When I looked at a house yesterday, because I was meeting with a potential seller and this house has space for 24 photos. Every single one I’m laying sideways and made with a bad cellphone I guess it was made with a StarTAC or something like the first phone that has a camera. Y’all, professional photography cost you like what 50, 60, 75 bucks maybe a hundred bucks if you’re in an expensive market, but you’re being paid thousands and thousands of dollars to represent somebodies home and market it really well and we all know consumers shop for houses on the Internet in their bathrobes with a cup of coffee in the hand maybe it’s coffee, maybe it’s Bailey’s in there too, we don’t know we don’t judge but they’re looking at the house online before they walk over the threshold and come take a look about living there. You’ve got to invest some money if you want to do real estate right. Consumers deserve it!

You’re calling yourself a professional realtor. I think it’s a professional standard we should all be holding up. And so with that being said I’m gonna go from busting at you to begging you I beg of you and I plead of you know that you are not a professional photographer, a cell phone is not a professional camera. Call somebody who knows what they’re do and they can make it look really good. Just like you have those apps that make your selfie picture for profiles on Facebook look good. Let a professional make your listings look top dollar so that you can bring top dollar for your sellers in your marketplace.”

As much as you wouldn’t expect a real estate photographer to sell the homes they photograph, you really should leave your own real estate photography in the hands of the professionals. Just because you can take photographs with your smartphone, don’t fool yourself into thinking that you are a professional photographer, or at least can do as a job as well as they can. As Leigh says, when you cut corners on things like professional photography, you’re killing all real estate agents and lowering the expectations of customers when it comes to the level of service they should receive when hiring a professional real estate agent.

There is zero excuse for showing poor amateur photos on any listing listing! If a consumer hires a professional real estate agent to list their home, professional photography should be seen as a standard service and not an upgrade.